As part of Dave Barry's blog's "the dog ate mother's toes" Freemont initiative, Judith Laura pseudonymously posted  following two poems on poetry.com in July 2003:

Family Frolic

Listen to Judith read:


Slowly, I mounted
the steps, filled with pride
by the scene unfolding
on the lawn below where
the family gathered,
giggling, prodding
each other, as the dog
ate mother's toes.
Then my brother Fred started
up the barbecue;
we were hungry

--Freemont X Ash
Copyright 2003 Freemont X Ash (Judith Laura)

Death Is Not Death

Death is not death.
The Moon's not the moon.
I'll tell you your fortune
If you sing me a toon.

The Hierophant pants with fetid breath.
The Queen of Swords chooses to live alone.
First the dog chomped the Fool's bright clothes
Then the dog ate sweet mother's toes.

--Freemont Exo Reader
Copyright 2003 Freemont Exo Reader (Judith Laura)

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