Beyond All Desiring

an award-winning novel by Judith Laura

Trade Paperback List Price: $12.95 ▪ ISBN 9780982819746 ▪ Open Sea Press ▪ 6x9 ▪ 242 pages For links to paperback at booksellers, scroll down. Also available as a Kindle E-book, Nook Book, Sony Ebook, iTunes (iBook), and others, and from Smashwords in multiple formats; and an audiobook read by Christy Lynn from,,

Top HONORS, 2006 Ulysses Awards

Finalist, Best Books Awards 2006

Finalist, 2006 Media Darlings Word/Work Awards

When Sara’s niece, Janice, is notified that her sharp-witted aunt, now in her 80s, hasn’t been seen for several days, Janice’s panicky drive to find out what’s happened begins our journey of discovering that Sara has led a life very different from what her relatives and friends assume.

Historical events of the 20th century form a backdrop to Sara’s often tumultuous personal life, which we follow from Trenton, NJ, to Washington, DC, (with jaunts to Philadelphia, Baltimore, and West Virginia). As Sara visits an art museum exhibit about Buddhism, we learn of her two marriages, the first to an abusive man and the second to a kind man who was involved in top secret projects and who develops a bizarre illness. We discover her long but secret love relationship with a woman. And we learn of hidden booklets which hold the key to yet another secret.

Beyond All Desiring is realistic and magical, erotic and spiritual. It gives us a rare look into the heart of a woman who was “different” in a time of conformity, and who ultimately made a big difference in the lives of those close to her.