Poetry Awards

These are the poems by Judith Laura that received awards in the "Maryland Writes!" 2018 competition sponsored by Montgomery Magazine and Maryland Writers Association and, in accordance with the rules of the contest, not previously published. They are Judith Laura's first poetry awards and included cash awards for each poem.


When you spoke I
could not think
nor even stop
to have a drink
and so I donned this mask of red
with green fringe to match the bed
on which we spread our misery. You hold the mask tight to my face
as if to fasten our embrace
as if you fear what lies
will bare more
than the breath
we share
between our lips,
more than the touch
we care to hazard
at our hips. But love our love we cannot fray
and so I dare this very day
to tear off my mask,
and give all away.  by Judith Laura 
Received 1st Runner Up (aka Runner Up) Award in Montgomery Writes! 2018 competition, Poetry

Russian Two-Step

Place your cold hand in mine,
we’ll dance the circled line,
first moving formally
to keep this dance alive. Through the long winter night
arms flinging off our fright
airborne or far asea
this dance keeps us alive. Proud and strong,
we proceed in measured steps.
Marking time,
until we hear the song. Like fire the music flies
so if we’re double spies
polka around with me
to keep this dance alive. Hopping to bring the spring
arms arcing, heels clicking
we shout in heated glee
this dance keeps us alive.

by Judith Laura
Received 2nd Runner Up (aka 3rd place) Award in Montgomery Writes! 2018 competition, Poetry

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