Contents of the Second Edition of
Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century

from Kabbalah to Quantum Physics
by Judith Laura

Contents with Subheads & Notations
Foreword by Rachel Pollack

Preface to Second Enlarged Edition

Goddess Spirituality Evolves
Validation of Kabbalah Approach
Interest in Science
Second Edition Changes & Additions

[History of Contemporary Goddess Spirituality:
 Pagan, Christian, Jewish, Native American, African, Asian influences]

Chapter 1 Concepts of Contemporary Goddess Spirituality
Inclusive Language
Shared Leadership
Immanence and Transcendence
Nature of the Goddess
Guided Meditations
Transition from Transcendent to Immanent Divinity
New Moon: A Meditation on Darkness and Light

New Moon Ritual
[Authoritarian compared with shared leadership format:
 purification, calling directions, invocation, guided meditation, monthly planning, chant, nourishment, blessing]
Chapter 2 Kabbalah: In Its Beginnings
Graphic: Kabbalah Tree

What the Bible Tells Us
Sefir Yetsirah and Other Early Influences
Medieval Mythology
A Clearer Visionchapter 3 Kabbalah: From Spain to Safed
Cordovero's Concepts
Cordovero's Correspondences (chart)
Lurianic Kabbalahchapter 4 Qabalah
graphic: Qabalah Tree
Before The Dawn
The Golden Dawn
Development of Qabalah Continues
Qabalah and Kabbalah
Qabalistic Correspondences

chapter 5 Re-Visioning the Tree
[Kabbalah and Qabalah Tree comparisons; examination of problematical assumptions; analysis using Hebrew noun gender]
Graphics: Gender of Sefirot
Figure 1: Jewish Kabbalah
Figure 2: Hermetic Qabalah
Figure 3: Re-Visioned Kabbalah Tree
Exploring Re-Visioned Kabbalah: Meditations and Rituals
Ritual Purification of the Tree
[invocation, directions, purification, re-visioning,  guided meditation, nourishment, blessing]
Sefirot Meditations
Permutation of Holy Names
Full Moon Ritual
[invocation, trance dancing, guided meditation, Tarot reading, song, blessing]

chapter Taking the Quantum Leap
The Universe: Stars and Spirals
Out of Time
Light Circles and Cones
Quantum Physics: The Subatomic World
Dance of the Particles
The Unseen: Dark matter, Black Holes, and The void
Waning Crescent Moon Ritual
[calling directions, invocation, guided meditation, song, dance, blessing] Appendix 1 Music Notation
[For ritual songs, "Full Moon, Whole Moon," and "Mother of All"] 
Appendix 2 Re-Envisioned Tree of Life Tarot Spreads
Full Deck Spread
Ten-Card Spread

Appendix 3 Study and Discussion Guide
[additional material about footnoted items, some of it new in this edition]       

Study Guide for Kabbalah Chapters 
In addition to the Study and Discussion Guide for all chapters included in the book, an additional Study and Discussion Guide focusing more extensively on the book's four Kabbalah/Qabalah chapters is now available as a Kindle E-book, titled Exploring Re-Visioned Kabbalah. 

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