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Goddess Guided Meditations
audiobook & e-book
by Judith Laura

Goddess Guided Meditations  grew out of the continuing requests that Judith Laura received for permission to use her guided meditations, most of which appear in the rituals in her books, She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother and Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century.  As she corresponded with the people wanting to use the meditations on their own or with groups, it became apparent that it would help them if the meditations were available in a format where they themselves wouldn’t have to read while meditating. This would enable the meditator in solitary work to focus fully on meditating, and in groups, would enable all people, including the group leader, to participate fully in the meditation. There was particular interest in an audiobook with Judith reading. So that is what she did.

The audiobook and e-book contain all 20 of the guided meditations from Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century and from the 1999 and 2010 editions of She Lives! (but they did not appear in the original 1989 edition). In addition, Judith has added 5 new, not previously published, guided meditations to Goddess Guided Meditations. These new meditations are indicated by an * in the list below. The meditations from She Lives! are indicated by (sl); the meditations from Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century are indicated by (gs21). 

The first two parts of Goddess Guided Meditations, Moon Phases and Seasonal Celebrations, are of general interest. The second two parts focus on more specialized interests: Part III has meditations to familiarize people with Goddess concepts; Part IV contains meditations for re-visioning Kabbalah. This section will be particularly useful to those familiar with Judith Laura's analyses and re-visioning of Kabbalah in Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century. It will also appeal to people who enjoy being close to nature and to those interested in deep metaphysical work.

The audiobook is available (currently $6-$7 and comparable prices in other currencies) on,,, and is also available on Audible and Amazon have a sample from one of the meditations. iTunes has a sample from the Introduction. The e-book is presently only available on other Amazons.


Part I: Moon Phases

New Moon (gs21)
*Full Moon
Waning Moon (gs21)
Part II: Seasonal Meditations

Winter Solstice (sl)
Spring Equinox (sl)
*Beltane/May Eve
Summer Solstice (sl)
Autumn Equinox (sl)
Part III: Introduction to Goddess Concepts
The Castle (sl)
Transition from Transcendent to Immanent Divinity (gs21)
Part IV: Re-visioned Kabbalah
Meditation from “Ritual Purification of the Tree” (gs21)

10 Meditations for The Emanations of The Re-visioned Kabbalah Tree (gs21)
Full Moon Meditation for Kabbalah (gs21)

She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother   Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century

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