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Beyond All Desiring, a novel. Available in multiple E-book and Audiobook formats. For direct links, click on book.


NEW!!! Audiobook with guided meditations from Judith Laura's other books, plus 5 new ones!
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Exploring Re-Visioned Kabbalah
for the 4 Kabbalah Chapters in
Goddess Spirituality for the
21st Century

The Second Enlarged Edition of
Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century includes a study guide for all chapters of the book. This e-book provides a longer and more extensive guide to the book's four chapters about Jewish Kabbalah and Hermetic Qabalah, and Judith Laura's re-visioning of the central kabbalistic symbol, the Tree of Life. This study and discussion guide is meant to help people reading the book on their own, people studying in groups and their teachers or leaders. Available as a Kindle E-Book, a  NOOKbook, at  Diesel eBook Store, Sony Ebook Store, Smashwords in multiple formats, and at other ebook vendors.

Three Part Invention, a novel.
 Available in multiple  e-book formats. For more info, click on book.



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Goddess Matters

the mystical
& controversial


Two Finalist Awards from International Book Awards 2012
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Beyond All Desiring, a novel
multiple awards  
A FANTASTIC BOOK...’Fresh Fiction 
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 Second Enlarged Edition

Goddess Spirituality
for the 21st Century

from Kabbalah
to Quantum Physics

'Intellectually exciting and spiritually satisfying...'
The Beltane Papers

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A Sampling of Poems

Published in Print

Autumn, The Mid-America Poetry Review, Summer-Autumn 2003
Contradance, Pudding Magazine #30, June 1996
Elegy, Prayers to Protest (anthology), Pudding House 1998.
The Jeweler's Daughter, OALM, Autumn 1997

Alma Mater Ohio, Athena 1963

Published in Online Journals

"Reincarnation," April 2001 issue of  Facets Magazine
"Air Cover Over DC," October 2001 issue of The Pedestal Magazine 
"Labyrinth Dance" and "Silent Kolo" in volume 1, issue 2 (2006) of Poemeleon
"Sounding the Sixties," "Bayou Two-Step." "Bulgarian Women's Dance, "Csardas," in anthology While the He/art Pants: Poetic Responses to the 2008 American Elections" on the multilingual website Poet's Corner - Fiera Lingue.
"Pet Rat" and "Endangered Family" published in Moondance, March 2011,

Unconventionally Web-born

Freemont Poems
Poetry Tag

Maryland Writes! competition, 2018

Three Part Invention, a novel

‘HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...’Midwest Book Review
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She Lives!
The Return of Our Great Mother

Combined Third Edition (2010)


This beautifully written book contains
 a variety of treasures’
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