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Books and Poetry - list of Judith Laura's published books, and links to some of her poetry published on other sites.
 BOOKS: Print (see below for books available only in e-book and audiobook format)
   ▪  Beyond All Desiring, a novel (2005, 2012), includes award info, reviews, links to excerpts, bookseller linksAlso  Available in e-book and audiobook, narrated by Christy Lynn.
        Free Reading Group Discussion Guide
   ▪  ThreePartInvention , a novel (2002, 2009), includes reviews, links to excerpts, bookseller linksAlso available in e-book.

Goddess Spirituality  - Goddess homepage
   ▪  Goddess Matters: the mystical, practical, & controversial (2011)description, reviews, Introduction excerpt, bookseller links    ▪  Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century (1997, 2008, 2011) includes award info, reviews, links to excerpts, bookseller links
        Contents with subheads and notations (2008 & 2011 editions)   ▪  She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother (1989, 1999, 2010) includes contents, reviews, links to excerpts, bookseller links
        Excerpt from Introduction to Combined Third Edition (2010) Books: Available only as audiobooks, e-books
Goddess Guided Meditations (audiobook, narrated by Judith Laura, also e-book)

    Alma Mater, Ohio - Free verse written long, long ago for the Ohio University Athena (yearbook) with link to Yearbook on OU site with photos
    Freemont Poems -  "Family Frolic" and "Death is not Death" (tarot theme), written as part of "the dog ate mother's toes" challenge initiated by Dave Barry's Blog in July 2003.
     Poetry Sampler - Sampling of poems published in print

 Tarot & Related Wonders       

What's News - the scoop on Judith's writing, art, tarot and whatever else is happening...