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Goddess Guided Meditations Audiobook Available    

Judith Laura's audiobook, Goddess Guided Meditations, is available at audible.com, amazon.com, and iTunes. (For direct links click on link above or on book cover.)  She decided to do the audiobook of her writings, which she narrates, after receiving comments from readers of her books, Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century  and She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother about the usefulness of the guided meditations that appear in those books' rituals. After hearing particularly from people who were either using the meditations alone or leading groups that used the meditations, Judith decided to make their use easier by producing a book in a format where the people didn't have to read while meditating. Goddess Guided Meditations contains 20 meditations from those two print books, plus 5 new meditations not previously published. To see a list of which meditations are new and which books the others are from, go to judithlaura.com/ggmeds.html Goddess Guided Meditations is also available as a Kindle e-book.    

Two Finalist Awards From International Book Awards 2012 for GODDESS MATTERS
The Mystical, Practical & Controversial

Judith Laura's most recent Goddess book, Goddess Matters: The Mystical, Practical, and Controversial  received Finalist Awards in two categories: "Spirituality," and "Women's Issues," in the International Books Awards 2012. The book gives an in-depth look at today’s global trends in Goddess spirituality and emerging Goddess religions, covering a wide range of topics, some of them rarely discussed in other books. Learn more about the book, including reviews and excerpts. 

Award Winner!
Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century

The Second Enlarged Edition of Judith Laura's book, Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century, from Kabbalah to Quantum Physics, was named Award Winner in the "Religion: Comparative" Category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News. 

The book contains the entire contents of the original edition, plus a number of additions, including a Foreword by Rachel Pollack. For full contents details see https://www.judithlaura.com/gs21cont.html
For other book info, including reviews and excerpts, check it out for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Study Guide for Kabbalah Chapters of
Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century

A study and discussion guide to the four Kabbalah chapters in Judith Laura's award-winning book  Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century is now available as a low-priced e-book, titled "Exploring Re-Visioned Kabbalah: Study Guide...". This new guide is in addition to the shorter study guide for all chapters of the book included in the Combined Second Edition of the book. The new, separate, e-book guide is meant for readers, teachers, and discussion leaders who want a more extensive guide to the book's chapters 2-5 describing and giving the history of the metaphysical forms known as Jewish Kabbalah and Hermetic Qabalah, and proposing a re-visioned, more egalitarian kabbalistic Tree of Life. Available as a Kindle E-Book, a  NOOKbook, and at  Diesel eBook Store, Sony Ebook Store, Smashwords in multiple formats, and at other ebook vendors.

Combined Third Edition of
She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother

The Combined Third Edition of Judith Laura’s book She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother  is now available in most parts of the world. A trailer with Judith reading excerpts from the book and other goodies is right under this article. She Lives! remains unusual among books on Goddess spirituality. Its material doesn’t fit neatly into any one category. Rather, especially in its myth-like stories, it describes how female divinity might return to people on diverse paths, and addresses a variety of issues in a number of different religions and in secular settings. This Combined Third Edition has all material from the first (1989) edition. In addition to the stories, there are seasonal  and personal rituals, and a variety of meditations. The seasonal rituals include 30 songs with notated music for 26 of them. (The four songs for which notation is not included in this edition have well-known melodies. The 1999 second edition had notation for only 11 of the songs.) This new edition also includes material added in the second (10th Anniversary) edition, such as two new story-myths, guided meditations for each of the seasonal celebrations, and an entirely new section, “Reflections on Seasonal Celebrations,” with background information on holidays of a number of different traditions. There are also some changes and additions found only in this edition. 
For more complete info on the book's contents and links to excerpts, go to judithlaura.com/slgm.htmlJudith on Blog Talk Radio    

Judith Laura has been interviewed three times on Goddess Alive Radio, a program of Blogtalk Radio.
On September 19, 2015, she discussed material from her book, Goddess Matters,
focusing on today's trends in Goddess spirituality. This program ends with a brief reading.

On August 16, 2014, she discussed re-visioning Kabbalah based on material from her book Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century.

This program can be accessed at https://www.blogtalkradio.com/laughingwomanmedia/2014/08/16/goddess-alive--a-re-visioned-tree-of-life-kabbalah-meditation-w-judith-laura
This program ends with a guided meditation.

She previously appeared in a New Moon program discussing the Maiden aspect of the Goddess. This program ends with a guided meditation.    

If you have trouble accessing the above links, go to Laughing Woman Media and search for "Judith Laura."
The program is produced by the Motherhouse of the Goddess.


Muliple-Awarded Print Novel Now Available as Audiobook and E-Book

Judith Laura's novel, Beyond All Desiring , recipient of three awards in its print version, is now available in an audiobook version narrated by Christy Lynn on audible.com, amazon.com, and itunes.com The book is also available as an e-book in many different formats.   The trade paperback edition of the triple-award winning novel, originally published in 2005, was reissued in August 2012 in a lower retail-priced yet high quality edition. The trade paperback version received the top honors in the Ulysses Award competition and received finalist awards in both the USA Best Book Awards, and the Media Darlings Book Award, all in 2006. You can print out a free Reading Group Discussion Guide from this site. Get all the information you need including reviews and excerpts from https://www.judithlaura.com/beyond.html.

Judith Laura's Poetry Receives Awards 
Although she has received many awards for her fiction and nonfiction and her poetry has been published in many journals and anthologies, for the first time, individual poems by Judith Laura has received awards. They were given in November 2018 by the contest Maryland Writes! sponsored by Montgomery Magazine and the Maryland Writers Association to two of her poems. Her bio appears on the pdf of the print version of the Magazine. Names and titles of winning entries in all categories (fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry) can be viewed on the Magazine's website here. Scroll down for the link to the works themselves (hint: poetry is the last category shown). The links are in small type at the end of the description of each winner. Or you can read Judith Laura's winning poems on this website on https://www.judithlaura.com/poetry.html which also has a bit more info on the competition.  

Three Part Invention Becomes Available in More E-book Formats 
Judith Laura's first novel, Three Part Invention, which has been available in both print and as a Kindle e-book for some time, is now available in virtually all other e-book formats. For more information on this book, including direct links to some bookseller sites, go to https://www.judithlaura.com/3PI.html    

Digital Art by Judith Laura 
Posters, prints and greeting cards featuring Judith Laura's interpretation of Mary Magdalene are among the products now available on cafepress.com/judithlaura7m. The upper half of the full-length figure is shown above.   Other of Judith Laura's designs are as prints and posters, as well as on t-shirts, mugs, journals, and many other products are available on many other sister sites linked below. For a preview of some of the items, see the bottom of this page's left-hand column.    

Judith Laura's depiction of Mary Magdalene is based on four different contemporary interpretations: 
(1) The historical theory that she was a disciple/apostle, had great intellectual and spiritual understanding and that her relationship with Jesus was the closest of all the disciples but wasn't sexual. (2) The historical theory that she was married to Jesus, that they had at least one child, and Mary and the child(ren) eventually went to France. (3) The mythological theory that she and Jesus were involved in a hieros gamos, or sacred marriage. (4) The metaphysical belief of some current gnostic groups who worship Mary Magdalene as the female counterpart of Jesus. The symbolism in this work includes: a cup/grail inscribed with Magdalene's name in the language she spoke, Aramaic; a downward pointing triangle, a female symbol; a crown/halo above her head, embedded with 13 (the number of lunar months) egg-shaped rubies. (The egg is long associated with Magdalene as a symbol of life and/or resurrection.) The entire figure is composed of many oval and triangular shapes.

Other of Judith Laura's art include:

The Thunder, Perfect Mind—3 panels of artwork inspired by the Nag Hammadi scripture, c.300-400 CE, unearthed in the 1940s in Egypt. Scholars cannot clearly identify the text as Christian or Gnostic and point out that it bears similarity to some Isis texts. 
Panel 1  "I Am," is inspired by statements near the beginning of the manuscript. The words of the text appear as a lightning bolt. Among the human figures are a bride and a dancer-priestess.
Panel 2, "I Am She" shows an enthroned Goddess wearing the crown of Hathor, often seen in Isis images. The words of the text are above and beneath the goddess figure and emanate from her hands, which are raised in a traditional blessing pose. 
Panel 3 "I Am The One" whose text includes a promise of immortality, focuses on large flame containing the Coptic Greek letters Alpha, Omega, and Tee (which also appear in panel 1, representing the beginning and the end). The text appears on one side as a lightning bolt, and on the other side, emanating from the flame itself in a circular pattern. 

Asherah Enshrined— Posters, prints and cards portraying the  Goddess called Asherah in Hebrew and Athirat in Ugaritic. She stands in a shrine, between two deep blue pillar- or scroll-like objects emblazoned with gold and silver symbols. On the lower part of the shrine Ugaritic cuneiform spells out the Goddess’s full title, “Rabat Athirat Yam." Because “athirat” is the feminine form of the Ugaritic verb “to tread,” the English translation often given for this phrase is “Great Lady Who Treads on Water.”  You can see the artwork on cafepress.com/judithlaura1a or Judith Laura's Studio at zazzle.com,  Judith's other portrayals of Asherah can also be found at these links.


 –Goddess logo items similar to the logo on the Goddess portion of this website; and posters that can be used as study aids for the Kabbalah section of Judith Laura's book, Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century: From Kabbalah to Quantum Physics. 
Wisdom logo  lavender and green design, with "wisdom" in English, Greek, and Hebrew. 

 –Products based on Judith's Tarot Fool  which she originally created for the Tarot portion of her web site a few years ago. 

Books&Poetry not only for spiritual living, but also for life in general and personal development.

Goddess Spirituality - If you’re not sure what exactly this kind of divinity means, then this guide is for you. 

Our tarot for beginners guide helps you become an expert card reader in no time. Learn all there is to know. 

Contents – contains a list of the most important pages on this site. Makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.    

I hope you enjoy the spiritual journey this site tries to help you with. No matter which direction you decide to go in, getting started is the most important part.